eduSIS is Educational Student Information System. eudSIS is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. The system will store information about prospective students, current attending students to alumni as they graduate out. The system is there to store catalog and make searchable any information generated by a student during their studies in an institution. This information can be fees information, document submissions, exam fees, attendance, internal assessment marks etc.

We also have an Android tablet based attendance taking system, this can be replacement for the register it will allow the teachers to take down the attendance for the students on the tablet and immediately upload it, saving them the double task of re-entering the data. The system also allows the teacher to view the past attendance and exams/test results of a particular student in the class. They can also view the picture of the student so to ensure there are no proxies.


Totally web based so can be accessed anywhere and everywhere.
No client side component, you only need a browser.
Can work on any platform mobile, PC, tablets.
It helps schools manage student registration and absenteeism, student performance, admission process, exam organisation, timetable construction,  grading standard, manage homeroom assignments and cover management.
View student profiles.
Allow students to log in to software along with staff.
Manage fees payment.
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